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Many commercial entities need assistance getting rid of their waste in an efficient and responsible manner, which is why we here at Red Rabbit Rubbish Removal pride ourselves on ensuring the best commercial waste rubbish removal in Melbourne collection service in town.

Without reliable commercial waste collection, you can quickly become overwhelmed, leaving your property looking shabby and unhygienic. This can not only damage your reputation but could also put your staff and clients in danger.

Here are some of the types of commercial clients that we help on a regular basis.

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Storage Unit Facilities

If you run a storage unit facility, whether, for residential or industrial use, you’re well aware of how often you need the help of professional waste removal services to clear away the significant amount of junk that often gets left behind.

In some cases, units need to be cleared out because of tenant abandonment, leaving a unit packed to the gills with goods and no one to claim them. This could include any number of items, from books to furniture and clothing. 

In other, more extreme cases, dodgy customers might use the storage facility as a means of illegally dumping a lot of their random rubbish in the surrounding areas, which also periodically needs to be taken care of.

We have found all manner of crazy stuff in storage unit facilities that have needed to be cleared out. Nothing is too difficult for us at Red Rabbit Rubbish Removal.


You would be surprised at how much waste schools generate on a daily basis. Professional waste removal services like ours are often needed to handle large volumes of rubbish efficiently and ensure proper disposal.

A lot of this material needs to be recycled, particularly the large volumes of paper and cardboard waste.

Schools also regularly clean out things like broken furniture and electronic waste. These items need to be disposed of properly to ensure safety and minimise environmental harm.

School grounds also need to be kept safe and hygienic for the children’s sake, which is another crucial reason that a professional and reliable commercial rubbish collection service provider like Red Rabbit Rubbish Removal should take care of it.

Real Estate Agents, Property Managers And Strata Managers

If you manage a property of any kind, you’re no doubt well acquainted with the amount of rubbish that gets left behind by tenants. 

We can help clear out deceased estates or rentals to help prepare a property for sale or for new tenants. We can help ensure that this process is efficiently handled, thereby making the turnover smoother for you and allowing you to focus on what you need to do rather than worrying about the clutter and junk lying around.

Keeping your properties clean and well-maintained is a crucial part of attracting tenants or buyers. If the place is full of clutter, garbage, and other junk, the overall appeal of the place will be severely diminished.

Outside of these common use cases, we also help with bulk waste collection at properties that accumulate large volumes of waste. We can also assist by taking care of bulky items that regular council trash collection services cannot handle. 

We have the necessary equipment and expertise to dispose of this kind of thing properly, whether it be furniture, appliances, or construction debris. We make sure that it’s all handled efficiently and responsibly.

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Aged Care Providers

Commercial entities that provide home care and aged care facilities for the elderly frequently require the assistance of a dependable rubbish collection service because of the sometimes unusual types of waste that accumulate there.

We can also assist in clearing deceased estates at such facilities or even helping elderly individuals declutter or downsize. Many elderly individuals are not physically able to do this themselves, so they rely on our friendly and dependable services to get the job done.

Reliable and Friendly Commercial Waste Removal In Melbourne

If you are looking for reliable commercial rubbish removal in Melbourne with excellent service to boot, then contact us at Red Rabbit Rubbish Removal today. We’ll take care of your rubbish so you don’t have to!

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